About Us

Be-lnvest was established for the purposes of ensuring success of its partners on the markets and encouraging companies to regard Be-lnvest as their Western-European prime partner.

In the ever-changing world of strong and powerful, we maintain successfully the security on the principles of consistent leadership philosophy. The wellbeing of our company, the civilized market and prosperity of our regions are synonyms for us.

By promoting business growth and prosperity of our customers, we keep on growing.
Our employees are experts in their professional fields, which is in combination with the vision of development outlook, guarantees our integrity and contribution into efficient results for our customers' business tasks.

Our Goal

It is our task to meet the needs of the market with the most sustainable, inspiring and relevant real estate solutions. We specialize in retail real estate with focus on Western Europe. Our core business is to invest in, and manage top-quality retail real estate and continuously seek the best opportunities in order to add more value to portfolios we manage. Ultimately, we believe in the long-term value of prime properties, with clear focus on historic cities and the successfully thriving. Our value-creation process includes an active and proactive leasing strategy, with optimizing property management and redevelopment.

Ultimately, our strength lies in sharing knowledge and experience of our teams to match the international nature of retail.
We combine their intelligence to create synergies that lead to optimized investment in retail real estate.

Retail Real Estate

With a highly experienced team of retail professionals, we purchase, develop, let and manage properties, ensuring that the portfolios reflect all the needs of our. Be-lnvest have offices in most Western-European thriving cities, which give us a thorough knowledge of local retail, consumer and real estate markets. That allows us to respond rapidly to opportunities when they arise and create them ourselves.

We make investment decisions only after methodical assessments, with an instinctive bent toward bold moves tempered by common sense, experience and most of all discipline. We invest in a variety of asset classes to build a portfolio with a composition that we believe balances risk and return.

Each asset class has a discrete and dedicated team of investment professionals with the experience and contacts to locate and analyze available investment opportunities.

Be-lnvest's Real estate investment team seeks to identify opportunities across regions, which exhibit high-quality locations, structural integrity and cash flows. Typically the team looks for properties where value can be added by both development and capital or operational expertise.

Throughout Western Europe we continue to invest with an emphasis on office, light industrial and warehouse, retail/mixed use and residential.

We typically seek:
  • Markets: demonstrating solid infrastructure, prospect for growth and economic diversities.
  • Local operating or development partners with solid experience and track record in local markets and in specific targeted regions.
  • Value-add opportunities: including repositioning of existing assets or new development
  • Financially distressed assets or assets not in favored regions or markets

Private Equity

Be-lnvest's teams' investment activities are focused on targeted, well-researched sectors that are differentiated by their asset intensity and regional growth.

Our transaction types:
  • Build-up of a platform investment
  • Underperforming businesses/assets experiencing financial distress
  • Undervalued businesses

Our investment profile:

Downside risk mitigated through asset value. Unlocking upside potential through strategic approaches, such as:

  • Strengthening management teams
  • Identifying operational enhancement
  • Cultivating new business development
  • Developing long-term planning

Our approach

Be-lnvest employs a collaborative, multi-disciplined approach to investment execution. Our investment approach has been shaped over experiencing multiple market cycles, while maintaining an acute awareness for each asset class's vulnerabilities and limitations during periods of market changes as well as its potential under improving economics.

We have a strong understanding of the complexities inherent in private real estate equity transactions and have developed the network and on-the-ground presence to identify, negotiate and close transactions.

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